Dominion Garage are proud to work closely with Kenvad Tyres, stocking a huge range of tyres for all vehicle makes and models. We only sell the highest quality tyres, ensuring that each tyre is in excellent condition prior to sale. Our fully trained tyre fitters can fit tyres to any make or model of car within very little time and at a very competitive price.


When to upgrade your tires:

  • When your tread depth is low – From new, the depth of tread will be around 7mm, while the legal limit is 1.6mm, if your tread depth is low, you should consider upgrading your tyres.
  • When there’s damage to your tyres – Damage can be difficult to spot, serious internal damage is often shown through blisters, bulges, or splits. If you notice any damage to your tyres, you should upgrade your tyres before any more damage can occur.
  • If you get a puncture – if you notice a puncture in your tyre, it may be repairable, however, if not you will need to change your tyre.
  • If your tyre shows signs of ageing – There’s no way to predict the life of your tyres, but if they begin showing signs of ageing such as loss of grip or a weakening structure, then it is a good time to upgrade your tyres.