MOT Testing

An MOT or Ministry of Transport test involves dozens of checks on your car, including the brakes, lights, fuel system, mirrors, exhaust system, seatbelts, and windscreen wipers. Cars over three years old must by law pass a yearly MOT test to show they are roadworthy. 

An average MOT test takes between 45 and 60 minutes but could take longer if your car fails the test or requires additional work.

The most common reasons a car may fail its MOT include:

  1. Screen wash not being topped up.
  2. A registration plate problem.
  3. Stickers on the windscreen blocking the driver’s view.
  4. Lit-up warning light on the dashboard.

At Dominion Garage all of our MOT testers are honest and reliable, we will ensure that any required repairs are done at a reasonable rate and will never charge more than the repair is worth, giving you peace of mind whilst your car is in the garage.