Car Servicing

At Dominion Garage we service vehicles from £99.00 and we never discriminate based on make or model of the car. We cater for all vehicles and will source the highest quality parts to be used on your car.

Ensuring that your car is regularly serviced helps to maintain the efficiency of the vehicle, ensuring that it runs smoothly and is at a much lower risk of a break down, in turn lowering any unexpected repair bills. Many people think that they will save money by skipping out on the servicing but the reality is quite the opposite, a service will pick up any minor problems and repair these whilst they’re still causing little to no problems, helping you avoid a large bill down the line.

Important things about car servicing that you may not know:

  • The letters ‘FSH’, commonly seen on a description of a car that is up for sale, stands for ‘Full Service History’.
  • Research has found that a used car with a FSH can sell for as much as 23% more than a car without a completed service history.
  • Oil should be changed every 3,000 miles for short, stop and go trips (especially in the colder month) or every 5,000-7,000 miles when the car is mostly sued on the motorway.
  • Repair costs on cars are usually fairly consistent up until they turn 8, after this point more things begin to go wrong.